The Shore or Bust | Accepting Changes in Summer Plans

At the end of May, I had rose-tinted glasses on while I wrote out a summer bucket list.  Guess what?  Summer is half over and not one of those items was checked off the list.  It’s been one of those summers where every weekend is booked.  The few chances we had a free moment something inevitably interrupted any plans we had.  We aren’t going on a major vacation, and the only short one we had planned was cut event shorter.  While we are fortunate enough to have access to a family shore house, we haven’t made it down there as much as we hoped.

Today,  I crumpled the list up and tossed it in the trash.  I gave up on all the big ideas and started over.  I looked at the calendar, determined to find time to squeeze in some fun in the sun and relaxation.  Instead of having a long list of great adventures, I accepted that we may have one or two small adventures.  But we’ll fill them with laughter, joy, and love.

We’ll head to the shore house and be grateful to have a little taste of that peaceful vacation feeling.  The kind of peaceful moments that rejuvenate and refresh your spirit.  The moment where you sigh and find yourself saying “Ahhhh”.  We’ll create new memories for our little family.  We’ll spend time with loved ones and enjoy every second of it.  We’ll put the screens away and be present in the moment.  We’ll look around at the view from where we stand and take it all in.  We’ll slow down and make the time to enjoy summer.

So, if you are having somewhat of a bummer summer, you still have time to make the best of it.  In the meantime, here are some images of my previous summers spent enjoying the Jersey Shore.  They are holding me over until I can get there.

South Jersey Shore - Wildwood Cape May NJ




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