Thoughtful Thursday | How do you Slow Down in our Fast Paced World?

Do you ever find yourself running around like a chicken with your head cut off?  I’d so much rather work deliberately and move forward at a steady pace accomplishing the tasks at hand.  It even sounds more manageable!

I was listening to this new podcast my friend Wendy recommended, Happier with Gretchen Rubin.  It has been amazing listening to podcasts on my drives from Philadelphia to Annapolis to photograph weddings!  The podcast takes my mind off the running list of to do’s and things that aren’t getting accomplished while I drive.  Do you all have this ticker tape playing? All. Day. LONG?!  Gretchen had so many amazing things to chat about one of which really turned a light bulb on.Carly Fuller Photography - Walking forward go slow to go fast - Building a future

It is best to Go Slow, to Go Fast…

Read that again.  And again.  It occurred to me that so many things in my life recently have been thrown into the air, I call it transition mode.  My natural instinct is to make it work (IMMEDIATELY), but some things can’t get fixed and become concrete in a snap.  It takes time to create a strong long lasting foundation.  Like building a home, or buying a home.  It takes educated decisions to settle, and finalize paperwork. You don’t just go out one day, decide to buy a home, and move in two days later.  It just isn’t realistic.  I think that I would have SO many regrets if my whole life could be figured out in 2 days.  I wouldn’t have given myself time to truly make sure each decision I was making was the best one for me now and my future self.  Buying a home takes time to research what kind of home, where, how much, and how long do you plan on living there…

I was forgetting how long it took to grow my wedding photography business. How many years it took to train my eye and build clientele.  This is the same for moving, transitioning your business, starting a new business, or making any huge life changing decision.  Might sound like a DUH feature to you, but for me, this has been nothing less than brain surgery.  After 10 years of running my own business, it is hard to slow down and be patient.  I’m so used to taking action and seeing results.  You get into a groove and start to see what works so you continue forging ahead.  

So how do you slow down?  

How do you make sure that each next step you are making is the best one that will actually get you to your goal faster?  Carly Fuller Photography - Walking forward go slow to go fast - Building a future

It has become clear that in making cautious steps forward. Weighing all the variables. You make the wisest choices…Thus bringing the BEST outcome closer…Faster!  GOT it!  So instead of listing out the 101 things that aren’t working or getting done. Making those unending lists of todos. I have started to think about the next small step towards success.  Making a manageable plan that leads to reward in the long run.  It may take a few extra months to build, but it will be a more oiled machine.  The last few days of operating like this mentally have made me even more excited to see where the future is headed.  I can’t believe I am able to slow down and really look at the big picture. It is way less overwhelming and already I am getting SO much more achieved and checked off.  It is the feeling you get after being in business for 4 years or so, when I looked back and was in awe of how far I had come.  This time, I call it a “season” in my life.  This season too will pass quickly.  

Soon I’ll be looking back at these steps and the future will have come faster than I expected.Carly Fuller Photography - Walking forward go slow to go fast - Building a future

Thank you Gretchen for your inspiring words that TRULY have changed my future plan of attack!


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