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Philadelphia Wedding Photographer - Inspired ActionsSometimes I need to escape my norm. Put all of “the things” from my wedding photography business to personal life on pause and walk through a new set of doors. Today it was Brainstorming and personal reflection to help improve and move along Liberty & Heart. I met with a new friend Heidi, at La Colombe Fishtown, she seems to just get me. The universe introduced us through the photography industry just by chance. She speaks straight to my soul and immediately brought up two things that were on my mind.

Connection and Action.

Do you have someone you chat with that just seems to connect with what you feel and think? Do you need to be reminded to make time for that feeling, connecting? Connecting and really getting one another is SO important. It feeds inspiration, ideas, growth, and maybe just carrying onwards.  I created a group called Biz Brainstorming to give a safe place for small business owners to share dreams, ideas, and bounce workflow around with other like minded people.  Each month I host a Biz Brainstorming which has been such a powerful group of minds coming together to create authentic connections and help inspire new actions and progress our businesses. Social media makes us think we are connecting daily, however rarely do we actually fully connect and learn more by asking questions. We learn what others are sharing about, but never hear the depth, what else is going on. I don’t know about you, but social media makes me feel like I’ve had in-depth conversations with people that I in fact haven’t spoken to in months. Sometimes not even seen in longer, but I feel like we’ve connected. I’m so grateful to have time to make in person connections work and personal. We chatted on love, life, inspiration, impact, purpose…Ended feeling recharged and ready to CONQUER! Conquer what?! Conquer my fears!

Through Inspired ActionBTS - Philadelphia Wedding Photographer - Inspired Actions - Behind the ScenesA few fun BTS moments from a Philadelphia Valley Forge Park wedding, Westin Annapolis Hotel Wedding, Chesapeake Bay Beach club wedding, Holly Hedge Estate and The Tidewater Inn.  My career as a wedding photographer truly takes over 90% of my life, but I wouldn’t choose any other career.

BTS - Philadelphia Wedding Photographer - Inspired ActionsBTS - Philadelphia Wedding Photographer - Inspired Actions - Behind the Scenes

Take a step back to leave time to plan inspired actions. I think most of my inspired actions are planned more organically than intentional. These actions seem to come to me off the cuff with no plan. As an artist and business woman I am very intuitive. I’ve always created my work with instinctual feelings. Watching for what is shown to me next and keeping my eyes open. I get intuitive gut feelings and I listen to them.

I decided to stay and write out my thoughts. In the fast paced world I get caught up moving forward. I forget to BE and see where I’ve come. That “Hey, look I’m already here” moment when you realize your past inspired actions have brought you so far. Yes I am a driven woman, often spend more hours analyzing, dreaming, creating, and always wanting to move forward that I forget to take it all in. (take a breath, I love run on sentences) So driven, that I yes don’t give myself credit (Ever) and need to. Yes we all need a pat on the back. By encouraging others and ourselves we can grow more and continue to take greater risks that will help us achieve those scary fears!  Inspired actions have brought me through almost 11 years of my photography business and now 1 full month of blogging with Liberty and heart. We have already shared so many amazing stories and I can’t wait to share yours. When we are able to relate with one another we find comfort and strength. I don’t know about you but I’m craving this authentic space to share the Real stuff, the gritty, and authentic fears & accomplishments. Thank you Heidi for reminding me that our community is already born.  We must just continue to share about it and cultivate more space & time for it! 🙂

BTS - Philadelphia Wedding Photographer - Inspired Actions - Biz Brainstorming

BTS - Philadelphia Wedding Photographer - Inspired Actions - Biz Brainstorming

Today I am taking time to reflect and BE present. One inspired action I’d like to plan is to reach out to one person each week to have a one on one conversation about Liberty and Heart.

BTS - Philadelphia Wedding Photographer - Inspired Actions - Biz BrainstormingBTS - Philadelphia Wedding Photographer - Inspired Actions - Biz Brainstorming

Is there a goal or something you’d like to achieve work or personal? What’s one Inspired Action you could make towards it?
Write me, I’d love to hear yours.

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