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Renee Hollingshead has traveled to 10 different countries and all throughout the U.S. capturing weddings, anniversaries, and editorials over the last 3 years.  I love how her images glow and have so much movement to them!  Makes since knowing that for many years Renee was a performer, choreographer, and dance teacher to many ages!  She has taken her experiences of dance and transferred the graceful movement to her images. Truly incredible! Renee is one busy woman traveling all over the world, I can’t wait to see where the tide takes her next (Head over to her Lovely Tide Boutique Print shop to see more of her travels!)

Featured Business - Renee Hollingshead Photography - Destination Wedding Photographer

Featured Business - Renee Hollingshead Photography - New Zealand Wedding Photographer

1. What is your story?  How did you get started in photography/Do you have training?
I took my first photography class in sixth grade as part of my magnet visual arts program in middle school. While painting, drawing, and creating were super natural to me, I loved the challenge of photography. Fast forward quite some years later, I officially opened my business in 2012. It’s been non-stop ever since.
2.  What is your process for creating your prints/photographs for a wedding/event/travels?
I like to keep things natural and simple. Less is more and creating comfortable poses for my clients is key. I don’t want anything to look forced. I simply let things unfold organically and capture those special moments in between. I have a sweet spot for details because who doesn’t love pretty little things!
Featured Business - Renee Hollingshead Photography - Destination Wedding Photographer3.  What are tips to have a stress free wedding/event?
I’d say the number one thing to having a stress free wedding is to enjoy it. If you spend less time worrying about the little details and start focusing on why you are getting married, you’ll enjoy the process a lot more. It’s the happiest time of your lives and you should have fun. Years from now you’ll look back on your special day and remember having the biggest celebration of your lives.
4.  Who is your ideal client?
My ideal client loves to travel, is a little adventurous, and open-minded. They love quiet moments tucked away but enjoy a fun dance party. They aren’t afraid to fly to an amazing anniversary location or hike to the top of the mountain for epic pictures. Their wedding day is the biggest celebration of their lives and photography is important to them.
Featured Business - Renee Hollingshead Photography - Destination Wedding Photographer5.  Where is your favorite venue and why?
I wouldn’t necessarily say that I have a favorite venue because I love to switch it up every time. I will say that I do have an obsession with coastal and destination weddings. Give me anything outdoors, salty air, and windswept hair. Just as I find in my travels, I love to explore new locations and challenge myself to get creative in new surroundings.
6.  What would you want to share with prospective future clients?
As a former bride and someone that loves to hold onto memories, photography is one of the most important aspects of your day. These images will be with you for a lifetime, your grandkids will even ask to see them. While everyone does not have the same wedding budget, I highly recommend considering photography as the most important. You won’t regret amazing pictures!
Featured Business - Renee Hollingshead Photography - New Zealand Wedding Photographer7.  Do you have a favorite background?
For portraits, I love natural, organic settings more than I do urban cities. Give me open fields, mountains, beachfronts, and gardens. I find those locations to be much more romantic and all about the couple than what’s behind them.
8.  Do you photograph other events other than weddings?
I am primarily a wedding and couples photographer. So anniversaries and love sessions — I got you!
Featured Business - Renee Hollingshead Photography - New Zealand Wedding Photographer9.  Where are you based out of and how far do you typically travel for events/weddings?
I am based out of Maryland but I will travel literally anywhere for a destination wedding. So far I’ve photographed couples in Italy, Dominican Republic, Great Exuma Islands, South Africa, New Zealand, Mexico, New York, San Diego and more. Not to mention the countless numbers of wedding editorials I’ve done abroad. Travel inspires me and couples who love to travel are my favorite!
10.  Where is your favorite place to travel to near or far work or play!?
This question is rather hard, there’s no way to pick just one. I love so many places for so many reasons! Some of my favorites from my recent travels would definitely be Spain, South Africa, Portugal, San Diego, and New Orleans! They are all amazing for work and play!
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