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Noreen Turner is the owner of Noreen Turner Photography.  Noreen is a wedding and family photographer with a studio just over the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge in Riverton, New Jersey.  Noreen is a dedicated girl boss and mom to three boys.  Noreen can handle anything a wedding day might have in store and do it with a cheerful smile.

Noreen Turner Photography | Riverton New Jersey Featured Business1.  What is your story?  How did you get started into photography/Do you have training? 

So many photographers and entrepreneurs have these deep rooted, emotional stories that have pushed them to be the creative people they are today. I don’t have one of those stories! I also don’t have any formal photography training. I never really felt confident in my career choices and instead just went with the flow of things. I went to college for a year then came back home and went to a community college while working in various jobs. Eventually I earned my bachelor’s degree in business while working in accounting. After that, earning my master’s degree in accounting just seemed like it should be my next step, along with getting my CPA license. During this time I was incredibly blessed with my first son! Like any woman and new mom, I always loved taking pictures and having a baby multiplied that by 1000!  Around the time when my son turned one, friends had started asking to do photos for them. Also during that time I was studying for the CPA exam. Needless to say, I sat for one exam and quickly realized my heart wasn’t in it so I dove deep into the photography world! I have taken workshops with world renowned photographers and had the chance to assist with some of the greatest photographers in our region. I knew this path was something I needed to follow. So my story may resemble that of the popular term “momtog” but the reality is, I am a business owner first and a photographer second. 

Noreen Turner Photography | Riverton New Jersey Featured BusinessNoreen Turner Photography | Philadelphia Featured Girl Boss
 2.  What is your process for creating your prints/photographs for a wedding/event/travels?
Can I be completely honest here? Aside from getting a little information from my clients and drafting up some quick ideas, I have no other process. I find the best light during the wedding or shoot and I just go with what feels right at that time and for my client. I don’t use a strict list of poses because every couple, family and child is different. 
3.  What are tips to have a stress free wedding/event?
Be as prepared as humanly possible but also chill out! That is basically what I try to do for every day of my life but in regards to weddings, you really need to be organized but you need to go with the flow sometimes too. If a bride is running late, the last thing they need is a photographer tapping their watch and anxiously reminding them of the timeline. Obvious tips would be to have your gear packed, cell phone numbers and directions saved to your phone, have your phone charged (and pack a travel charger), full gas tank, comfy shoes, clean clothes, a good night’s sleep, and the questionaire, timeline and shot list that you have prepared in advance. But most importantly, be prepared to throw all of your plans out the window to get the shots you need. 
4.  Who is your ideal client? 
My ideal clients are couples and/or families that want to document their lives for their children and grandchildren. I want my clients to know that the photos I take are not entirely for them – they are for future generations.     Also, being laid back and pretty cool to hang out with is a bonus! Noreen Turner Photography | Philadelphia Curtis Center Featured BusinessNoreen Turner Photography | Philadelphia Curtis Center Featured Business5.  Where is your favorite venue and why?
Do I have to pick just one? The Downtown Club definitely ranks in the top two. Not only are the staff at Cescaphe incredible but the venue is perfect! The traditional style of the ballroom paired with the view of Indepence Hall and the central location to so many amazing old city locations easily make it a photographer and bride’s dream venue. I also need to add Terrain at Styer’s to the list. It’s not my typical favorite city location but this garden center is just too beautiful to pass up. My mom and I had a tradition of going to Terrain on mother’s day to shop and browse the garden center and I recently took a couple there for engagement photos. Everywhere you turn there is a perfect nook for photos!Noreen Turner Photography | Philadelphia Curtis Center Featured Business
6.  What would you want to share with prospective future clients?
How much room do I have? Haha! I want to tell my clients to stop stressing. Brides and grooms do so much to prepare for one day. On their wedding day, there is nothing left to do except get married and have fun! Don’t worry about how you look and don’t worry about your timeline. In 10 years you will want to look back on happy photos and you won’t care about how your wedding actually went down. The same sort of goes for my families. Have FUN during your session and don’t worry about your posing. I will offer guidance when it is necessary but overall I’m aiming to capture the joy in your lives at this very moment. 
7.  Do you have a favorite background?
I love it most when I’m able to have Philadelphia as my background. I love the art museum and city hall but I also love the hidden gems – rooftop parking lots, hidden alley ways, and cobblestone streets. I also love when I am able to catch a bit of nature in the city with ivy creeping up brick walls and little local gardens peeking out of a row of houses. Noreen Turner Photography | Philadelphia Featured Business
Noreen Turner Photography | Philadelphia Featured Portrait Business8.  Do you photograph other events beyond weddings? I have photographed many different events from first birthdays to proposals and 50th anniversary parties. I’ve found that there is always something interesting to learn or something that inspires me from everything I shoot. I recently took pictures for a local woodworker and felt so honored that he trusted me to take photos of his work! Here I am, a wedding and portrait photographer photographing coffee tables, fireplaces, and bars – and yet it was still so much fun and I captured someone’s hard work. And in the end, that is what matters – documenting the things that are important to others. 
9.  Where are you based out of and how far do you typically travel for events/weddings? I have a studio in Riverton, NJ and I typically cover weddings and portrait session in Philadelphia, Bucks County, South Jersey and Delaware but I am always up for travel within reason. Noreen Turner Photography | Philadelphia Featured Wedding PhotographerNoreen Turner Photography | Philadelphia Featured Girl Boss10.  Where is your favorite place to travel to near or far work or play!? I’m a Philly girl at heart and I love spending the day in the city for both work and play. I have a very long bucket list of Philadelphia restaurants to try with my husband for those random date nights. In true Philly fashion I love going to the Jersey shore for summer vacations with my family. And in a perfect world I would be able to consistently visit my sister and my husband’s family in Colorado, North Carolina and Florida!

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