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Liberty & Heart - Philadelphia Editor - Wedding PhotographerCarly –

I am a lifestyle engagement and wedding photographer, drawn to the coast and traveling.  I call Northern Liberties, Philadelphia my home.  With over 11 years in the wedding industry as a full time wedding photographer, and a BFA in Photography from University of the Arts, I have seen the trends come and go.  The details have washed in and out almost too quickly to call them fads.  Yet one thing has always remained, a wedding is the beginning of a new family’s life together.  For so many years I have not been able to relate with the social media “norm” of focusing so much on the “pretty”, composed, details, lay flats, over exaggerated styled shoots that affect people’s “real wedding” visions.  The constant sharing of this false perfection…has skewed priorities and reality from enjoying the journey to always looking for the destination.  Let’s stop comparing real life to this false sense of reality and start sharing our authentic life! (#liveauthentic) The good, sad, lonely, happy, we can all learn from one another’s journey. Our struggles are beautiful. Let’s start embracing real life (before, during, and AFTER a wedding day!) no fairytales needed when it’s real!

Fast forward two years of dreaming, Kathryn and I met when she signed up for my anniversary series.  We knew there was a reason we were introduced.  Our energy clicked and felt like we’d known each other for years!  Liberty & Heart was born.

As a team we embrace the art of storytelling through imagery and spoken word.  Our paths may not be the same but together we are unstoppable.  There is a need in our society for the real, authentic, raw side of life.  Not everyday is perfectly designed and those messy days are what make the prettiest of moments stand out.

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Kathryn Croskey - Editor of Liberty and Heart - Wedding Inspiration Blog

Kathryn –

I am a photographer and graphic designer currently living in Philadelphia.  I was born and raised just over the Ben Franklin Bridge in Southern New Jersey.  I have a BA in Journalism with a double minor in Event Planning and Publication Design from Rider University.  I’m married to my wonderful husband Rob.  After a five year battle with infertility,  we proudly welcomed our daughter Molly.

I spent the last few years mulling over several ideas all with the same concept- encouraging people to share their stories of life and love in an authentic and encouraging way.  I also saw a hole in the market for a source of heartfelt inspiration for brides and grooms.  I searched for something uplifting and heartwarming beyond the staged shoots and styled ring shots. Ideas swirled in my head but nothing seemed to be the right fit.  That is until I met Carly.  Suddenly everything clicked… no pun intended.  Before I knew it, we were launching a dream created from both of our hearts.

This venture is an extension of things that matter most to me- marriage, celebrations of love, and stories that connect us as human beings.  


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